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產品名稱:   全自動高速裱貼機(伺服機)



( CF-1300/1450/1650 )

Fully Automatic High-speed Servo Onlay Machine

一、 性能特點
Fully automatic high-speed servo Onlay machine CF series, the highest speed can be reached at 13000pcs/hour. It applyto the framed between color printing paper and fluting paper(A\ B \ C \ E \ G fluting\Corrugated \crimp\ paper Double\ triple \four layers and so on)、cardboard、grey board paper。Main solution for customers on fast delivery、efficientproduction、save labor cost。In design, it solves the requirements of eudipleuralcounterpoint& before and afterneedle position, achieve the computer intelligent control after a full range upgrades, grantee the accurate positioningin the process of high-speed operation;host for the servo motor, make the machine more stable and high speed;alsoensure the products surface smooth、no fold、no bow warping after framed。Steel 45# treatment, eliminate theinternal stress, ensure the machine keep 20years. All the material is completely accords with the design requires。
二、 機臺詳述
The machine in detail
A. 全自動智能電控系統
A. Fully automatic intelligent electronic control system
high speed motion controller with PLC control automation, color touch-screen with failure warning. Automatic electricorientation, use servo motor, input paper size on touch-screen, automatic adjust paper position while running and output isavailable. Import slide rail screw make the orientation accurate. Press part with electric control and inching gear before andafter adjustment. The size can be adjusted freely while change mould, It has the characteristic of perfect Functional, savingtime, easy operation, strong adap

B. 飛達送紙座
B. FEIDA paper holder
Self-developed patent product: Feida paper sending tool, high-end printing machine with Feida head design concept,enhanced feeding setting, four in four send, paper in accurately and paper sending smoothly. Been set a paper platform toload paper and save time, safe and reliable. Fully meet the requirements of the use of efficient operation.(You can choose the front inhale  Feida to send paper ,and add the extra charge 20,000 RMB.)

C. 底紙走紙部
C. The bottom paper stocks
Driven by servo motor suction belt paper, corresponding to A\ B \ C \ E \ G fluting\Corrugated \crimp\ paper Double \ triple\four layers and so on layer corrugated paper, cardboard and grey board paper is applicable, output smoothly;strengthening press suction design, the thickest paper at 1100g.

D. Drive System
The replacement of traditional gear chain with imported timing belt in transmission, solve the problem that the bottompaper can't fit in which is caused by the chain abrasion. Control the tolerance in ±1.5mm.

E. Glue coating
for high-speed operation, uniform coating and make sure far away from debonding. The glue coating which is designed by XINGFENG Intelligent, a special glue roller with resistance glue device was used to avoid. Glue saving by automatic gluesupply,with loss of glue recycling. According to the requirements, glue thickness can be controlled. This design ensure the softnessand keep debonding away.

Paper conveying department: adopt the up and down electric eye comparison, and use the left and right servo to make compensation positioning, so as to ensure the front and rear fitting error control within ±1.5mm, to achieve perfect mounting.
一、 整機主要電氣元件配置
Main Electrical Configurations

Main Technical Parameter

Note: due to the continuous improvement of products, the technical configuration and data will change, and the operation manual shall prevail.

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