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Products Name :   Automatic High-speed Mounting Machine Configuration Instructions
 一、 性能特點
For the mounting of cardboard on the cardboard, and cardboard on the corrugated in the printing and packaging industry. Applicable corrugated paper are  A, B, C, D, E, F, N flute, and can work properly on three, five, seven layers, mounted paper has good flatness and precision.

The main parts of the whole machine adopts the original products of domestic and foreign well-known manufacturers, with long durability and good stability. Electrical parts are of Mitsubishi, Schneider contactor, button switch of Siemens, to ensure that the machine's performance and stability.
二、 局部說明
Partial Description
1.Surface Paper Forwarding Section: Taiwan “four suction four forwarding” unique design of the paper forwarding head, has strong suction, smooth paper forwarding, accurate operation.

2. Artificial Interface: The machine adopts 7-inch high-resolution man-machine interface for human-computer interaction, the machine running status of real-time dynamic monitoring display, the machine adjustment and troubleshooting is convenient, fully reliable (optional).
3. The Paper Alignment System: An unique synchronization pawl design can be at the same time into the tissue paper and the end of the Department of paste, and can run the machine to achieve fine-tuning of the upper and lower paper.

4. Base Paper Forwarding: The use of imported perforated belt suction feed mechanism, suction strong, smooth feeding. Paper: 250g / ㎡ cardboard and A, B, C, D, E, F, N and three-story, five, seven cardboard, high-speed paper feeding smooth and accurate.
5. Electrical Section: The whole machine with PLC program control, frequency converter. All kinds of electrical components, detection switches are used in Japan, Germany, Taiwan and other brand-name companies. Accurate operation control, stable performance, and strong safety.

6. Surface Paper Delivery Section: Unique structural design, a new soft material PU wear-resistant plastic sun belt with the belt for paper, so that smooth feeding, smooth. Does not cause wear on the surface of the printing paper, for different thickness of the paper adaptability.
7. Base Paper Delivery Section: The unique synchronous push claw feed structure, can achieve more than 250g / cardboard and A, B, C, D, E, F, N and three, five, seven corrugated Smooth, accurate delivery. 
8. Imported Phase Adjustment System: The Japanese original precision phase adjuster, the machine can be achieved during high-speed operation of the fit error adjustment, accurate, greatly improving production efficiency.

9. The Transmission System: The use of imported bearings, timing belt as a transmission parts, soft, tough, durable, wear-resistant, resistant to heat, heat. And synchronous pulley to ensure synchronization accuracy, and with the Japanese chain driven synchronous pawl and perfect adjustment system and the side of the alignment structure, the fit error can be controlled within ± 1.5 mm, but also reduce the rate of damage to the paper.

10.Gluing System: Automatic glue to add the system, in the bonding process by the automatic control of fluid control and automatic detection of glue glue volume. According to the different requirements of the paper can be freely adjusted the thickness of the glue coating to make the coating more uniform. And with the glue recycling recycling, saving glue to avoid waste. But also to solve the glue coating rejection glue problem, so that the paper out of the formation of flat, accurate.
It adopts the unique processing technology (anilox roller design), in the coating process, so that each mesh are evenly adhesive glue, paper and cardboard to solve the problem of mounting plastic on the difficult.

三、 整機主要電氣元件配置
Main Electrical Configurations

Main Technical Parameter

Note: due to the continuous improvement of products, the technical configuration and data will change, and the operation manual shall prevail.

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